水思源科技发展有限公司. georg fischer ltd-凯发集团娱乐

gf comprises three divisions gf piping systems, gf automotive, and gf machining solutions. founded in 1802, the corporation is headquartered in switzerland and is present in 32 countries, with 124 companies, 48 of them production facilities. its approximately 14 000 employees generated sales of chf 3.77 billion in 2013.

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signet 2536 rotor-x paddlewheel flow sensors

simple to install with time honored reliable performance, signet 2536 rotor-x paddlewheel flow sensors are highly repeatable, rugged sensors that offer exceptional value with little or no maintenance. the model 2536 has a process-ready open collector signal with a wide dynamic flow range of 0.1 to 6 m/s (0.3 to 20 ft/s). the sensor measures liquid flow rates in full pipes and can be used in low pressure systems.

signet 2552 metal magmeter

the signet 2552 metal magmeter from georg fischer features all-stainless steel construction. the pvdf nosepiece and fpm o-rings are the only other wetted materials. the 2552 installs quickly into standard iso 7- r 1 ¼ or iso 7- r 1 ½ (1¼ in. or 1½ in. npt) pipe outlets, and is adjustable to fit pipes from dn50 to dn2550 (2 to 102 inches). two sensor lengths allow maximum flexibility to accommodate a variety of hardware configurations, including ball valves for hot-tap installations.

3-2725 orp传感器

新型产品,采用了gf的新设计,性能改进,具有如下特点: - 螺纹接口可用标准的异径三通安装 - ryton(pps)材质,有更好的耐腐蚀性 - dryloc连接,方便密封
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